After beating 33 opponents, Ben Tollerene won the $ 50,000 Super High Roller Event in the first ever PokerStars Championship in Panama. The prize money for the winner was $ 538,715.

Mr. Tollerene, a well-known online high-stakes player known as "Bttech86", entered the final game of the tournament as the chip leader of the game. At that time, he had 2.9 million in chips out of about eight million in play. In addition to Mr. Tollerene, Steve O’Dwyer, Daniel Dvoress, Justin Bonomo and Timothy Adams took part in the final game of the tournament.

2017 PSChampionship Panama SHR50K

The size of the minimum cash prize that could go to the participants in the final game of the tournament was $ 110,920. This is exactly the amount that Mr. Adams took home, who became the first finalist to leave the game. Mr. Tollerene knocked him out of the game, and continued this practice in the future, until the end of the tournament, knocking out all his remaining rivals, one by one, as a result of which he won the Champion title. As Mr. Tollerene’s stock of chips increased, his playing style became more and more aggressive.

Daniel Dvoress at 2017 PSChampionship Panama SHR50K

The next hand, after Mr. O’Dwyer left the game in fourth place for a $ 182,220 prize, Mr. Tollerene moved all preflop. At that time, Mr. Bonomo and Mr. Dvoess had the equivalent of eight and fifteen big blinds, respectively. Mr. Bonomo had a king and a jack and answered his opponent. Mr. Tollerene’s combination turned out to be significantly weaker than the opponent’s cards, namely a jack and a six, however, when the six came on the river, the six finally passed the victory in the distribution to Mr. Tollerene. Mr. Bonomo, for whom this final game was already the fourth this year, came in third place and received a cash prize of $ 237,680.

At the start of the heads-up, Mr. Tollerene’s chip lead was more than nine to one. Nevertheless, Mr. Dvoress did not lose courage and even managed to double his stock of chips. Mr. Tollerene continued to press the partner, and he practically agreed to make a deal with him. In the decisive hand, Mr. Dvoess went all-in preflop. The size of his bet was about seven big blinds. Mr. Tollerene, who had a king and a five. Mr. Dvoress had an ace and a nine. The flop came a pair of jacks and a deuce, the turn a deuce, and the river a king, allowing Mr. Tollerene to make a two pair hand and win the tournament. Mr. Dvoess came in second and received a cash prize of $ 372,360. 

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