When it comes to such a game of chance as baccarat, it is appropriate to talk about three types of bets. There are 3 zones in front of the player in the sector. In each of them there is an opportunity to place a bet according to one of the criteria. Or the red circle "player", where you need to bet on what the client will win. In case you want to bet on the winnings of the bank, choose the yellow circle "banker". If you think the dealer and the player will have the same points, bet on the white tie circle.

You have the right to combine these bets in any way, playing at the same time on "tie" and "player", for example. The amount of the bet depends only on the maximum and minimum at each specific gambling table.

The side where the total number of points has surpassed the other sides wins. If the number is the same, the tier wins. Baccarat betting is not difficult, you just need to grasp the essence.

Let’s take a closer look at each circle

Red circle, "player"

By placing this bet, you expect the player to win. If this scenario comes true, the croupier takes the bets from the yellow and white circles and pays those that were made behind the red ones with a 1: 1 odds. No commission is charged. The advantage of the gambling house is 1.29%.

Yellow circle, "banker"

By placing in the "banker" zone, you believe that the pot will win. Then everything happens similarly to the previous scent circle, with only one modification: the gambling house takes 4-5% for itself. The advantage of the gambling house reaches only 1.01%. The dealer first pays the winnings to the players, and the commission sums up, taking them for himself at the end of the game or the deal of cards.

White circle, "tie"

By placing your chips on this circle, you expect to see a draw as a result. This bet is almost never successful, except in the case of an equal number of points in the red and yellow circles. However, it pays at 8 to 1 odds, sometimes gambling houses even pay 9 to 1. There are no commission fees. The advantage of the gambling club is 15.75%. In case, after all, "player" and "banker" at the end of the game with equal chances, you can leave your bet on the table.

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