The young man was forced to spend 4 hours on an operating table after being attacked repeatedly by an angry bull during a Bull Poker game in Portland, Oregon.

Griffin Benger literally won a million dollars on the PokerStars TV Shark Cage a few days ago. For those who have not watched the broadcasts of this show, in short, the essence of this show is that when the game reaches the river, any player can press the "Bluff" button hidden under the table, and if the bluff succeeds, then the opponents spend one turn in the Shark Cage (a revolving docked cockpit that doesn’t even have doors). If the bluff fails, then the bluffer goes into the "cage". To be honest, the show’s terrifyingly aggressive name looks more than unjustified, since the punishment on which the whole intrigue of the show is built looks too frivolous and childish.

PokerStars Shark Cage 1

The response from a wide audience, predictably, was more than mixed. Apparently, this is why PokerStars, having evaluated the mood of the audience caused by the launch of the previous show, decisively stepped forward and, in order to maximize the interest of the audience, decided to turn its attention to the brutal and adrenaline-filled world of rodeo.

Austin Boettcher spent the first day of New Year with his legs fixed after surgery after being torn apart by an angry bull while playing Bull Poker. So how could this have happened to the poker player, the most low-key game in the world? The rules of the new poker game, Bull Poker, mean that a group of daredevil cowboys sit down to play poker at a gambling table set in the center of the rodeo arena, while an angry bull tries to gore them to death. The winner is the player who is the last to sit at the table.


In this particular game at Bull Poker, the organizers went even further and added a trick element where joker cards were strung on the horns of the bull. If the player managed to remove the joker, then he won the competition. The organizers secured themselves by the fact that each participant, before the start of the game, signed a document in which he took full responsibility for the bodily injuries inflicted on him during the game, even if the bull eats him alive. Mr. Boettcher apparently thought it was a good idea to get hold of the joker. Today, he most likely has a different point of view.

“I’m not sorry about what happened, but I guess I’ll never go back to playing Bull Poker,” admits the hospitalized Mr. Boettcher.

Austin Bottcher

The surgeons worked hard for four hours to reconnect the femur to Mr. Boettcher’s thigh joint. Outraged rodeo fans are now demanding that Bull Poker be banned. 

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