At the end of each week in 2017, the Global Poker Index (GPI) published a list of the most successful tournament poker players from around the world, which was determined using a formula that takes into account the results of each player over the past six semesters. The list of players, published on January 3, became a kind of photo finish in 2017, according to the results of which Adrian Mateos became the best player in 2017, with a small margin ahead of Bryn Kenny, who deservedly took second place.

In addition to Mr. Mateos with 3504.71 GPI special points and Mr. Kenny with 3478.06 points, the list includes eighteen more famous players: Stephen Chiduik (3341.89), Korey Aldemir (3266.11), Stefan Schillhabel (3236.48) , Sergio Aido (3196.93), Dan Smith (3180.30), Ari Angel (3153.16), Nick Petrangelo (3134.62), Reiner Kempe (3086.76), Darren Elias (3082.43), William Foxen (3079.73), GPI Best Player of the Year 2016 David Peters (3011.84), Dario Sammartino (3006.34), Sam Greenwood (2995.10), Steffen Sontheimer (2976.61), Jason Kuhn (2962) , 81), Ryan Riess (2959.87), D.J. Alexander (2952.46) and Joe McKean (2950.31).

Adrian Mateos GPI POY2017

Mr. Kenny managed to maintain the lead in this ranking for four months before Mr. Mateos took over the championship in mid-December, thanks to four prizes and participation in the final games of three tournaments of the PokerStars Championship in Prague. Ultimately, the total number of poker tournament prizes won by Mr. Mateos during 2017 was 37, and the total tournament winnings for the year were $ 5,881,228. However, the largest total tournament winnings of 2017 at $ 8,505,898 was won by Mr. Kenny, beating the 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event Champion Scott Bloomstein, who won $ 8,174,347 over the past year.

The best players of 2017 were also identified in narrower segments:

  • 2017 GPI European Player of the Year – Adrian Mateos;
  • 2017 GPI Best Female Player – Kristen Bicknell
  • 2017 GPI Best Female Player in Europe – Aylar Lai;
  • 2017 GPI American Player of the Year – Bryn Kenny;
  • 2017 GPI Latin American Player of the Year – Felipe Ramos
  • 2017 GPI Best Asia Pacific Player – Pete Chen
  • 2017 GPI Greater China Player of the Year – Pete Chen.

Mr Mateos’ result interrupted a five-year streak of awarding the GPI European Player of the Year titles to German players, and a Miss Lai result completed Liv Boeri’s three-year reign in the Best Female Player in Europe category. Taken over the past year, 59 prizes by Taiwanese player Mr. Chen allowed him to become the Best Player of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region and Greater China, at the same time. Miss Bicknell’s 2017 total tournament winnings of $ 550,000 prevented her from making the top 50 overall player of the year list, but nevertheless gave her the opportunity to become the Female Player of the Year. More than $ 760,000 in prize money and 29 prizes won during the year brought Filipe Ramos the title of "Best Latin American Player of the Year". 

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