Five days ago, no one in the poker community knew the name of 27-year-old Adrian Buckley, one of 7,275 players who signed up for the $ 1,500 Millionaire Maker World Series of Poker. (WSOP) 2015. The total prize fund of the tournament was $ 9,821,250, and the winner’s prize was $ 1,277,193. And, judging by the first emotional interviews, Mr. Buckley could not even dream that he would get such a jackpot.

Mr. Buckley’s breakthrough in the tournament was indeed epic, as he miraculously avoided being knocked out of the game several times. At the start of Day 2 of the tournament, Mr. Buckley had 80,000 in chips, the 3rd lowest chip total of the 142 remaining participants in the tournament. In the same unimaginable way, he made it to Day 3, but with the smallest stack of the 17 remaining players, including such poker icons as Andrew Lichtenberger, Mike Sexton, Eric Lindgren and Olivier Busquet.

By the end of Day 4, Mr. Buckley, who started with 1.27 in chips, had $ 1.27 million. cash.

Adrian buckley

“I came here this year on a tight budget, and I decided to play 10 tournaments and see how well I did,” recalls Mr. Buckley, who is currently an electrical engineer after graduating from Colorado State University. “Despite my huge interest in the game, I have never had enough funds to participate in real, big poker tournaments. Now I will have the opportunity to attend poker tournaments much more often. I also plan to pay off my student loan, which makes my life very difficult. "

Mr. Buckley’s road to the final game was not easy. Before his eyes, Mr. Lichtenberger left the game in 17th place, then, a little later, Mr. Sexton – in 9th, and the remaining three championship bracelet holders: Justin Pecs, Mr. Lindgren and David Mischikowski left the game at 6, 7 and 8- m places, respectively.

Javier zarco

With only three players left in the game, Mr. Buckley had to play against one of his heroes, Mr. Busquet, whom he considers a genius and the god of heads-up. But admiration did not prevent Mr. Buckley from knocking his idol out of the game, which he himself later refused to believe. Mr. Busquet was the chip leader among the three remaining entrants, but ended up eliminating in 3rd place for which he earned a $ 589,569 cash prize, which became his 24th cash prize at WSOP events. and also supplemented his total career gain to $ 1.2 million. Left alone, Xavier Zarko and Mr. Buckley played 93 hands, during which the leadership passed from one player to another several times. In the last hand, Mr. Zarko had a pair of sixes, and Mr. Buckley had a pair of tens, and when the table was laid out with a two, three, a jack and a pair of kings, Mr. Zarko was forced to admit defeat and leave the game in 2nd place. for which he received a cash prize of 791,690 dollars. 

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