In a Singapore casino, a visitor hit the jackpot and died of happiness

Tragedy happened to 56-year-old Ong Sen Ki from Singapore. On that fateful evening, he played with his friends in one of the local casinos.

At first he was unlucky – the man spent all the available cash on the roulette wheel.

Won and died

In the heat of excitement, the Singaporean borrows 200 dollars from his comrades to win back. And fortune finally became more favorable to the player. Ong Sen Ki then won $ 5,000.

Raking the chips off the table, the man suddenly screamed and began to fall. Lucky chips scattered across the floor. Although the doctors arrived very quickly, they could only state the death of the unfortunate man. The reason is a massive heart attack. On the way to the hospital, the doctors tried to revive the player, but it was all to no avail.

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