GameArt King of Monkeys Slot Screensaver

Any new game created by the well-known developer GameArt arouses interest among fans of gambling entertainment. One of the latest exciting slots called "King of Monkeys" cannot go unnoticed either. The plot of the "King of Monkeys" slot machine from GameArt

The gambling game is based on a belief that came from Ancient China about Sun Wukong, who was considered the Monkey King. According to legends, his birth came from a magic stone, which was located on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, at its very top. Nearby was an incredibly beautiful enchanted waterfall, and only the main character of the slot, Sun Wukong, managed to cross it. So he received recognition among other monkeys, and was glorified as their king. As soon as you start the game, you will immediately plunge into this enchanting wonderful world with the harmony of beautiful animation effects and pleasant music.

Screenshot of King of Monkeys slot machine by GameArt

How is the King of Monkeys slot structured?

The 5 x 3 slot machine with 243 winning streaks has a theoretical return of just over 96 percent. Wonderful bonus programs await you, which unlock pictures with a lotus, a golden coil and reliable friends of the Monkey King. A bonus round in case of receiving a combination of three of these symbols opens a majestic dragon, while he also summons Sun Wukong. And there you can most likely win decent payouts. If a sequence of at least three elements of the "Palace Scatter" symbol is formed, you will be given ten free spins, which can bring a win with a maximum value of 15 thousand coins.

Screenshot of the bonus game on the slot machine King of Monkeys from GameArt

Let’s summarize

Nowadays there are a lot of slot machines with different plots. There is plenty of choice! But the described slot is worthy of our attention. Do not give up bonus games – this is your chance to get big money. To find out right now how to win at slot machines, follow the link. It should be said that many GameArt slot machines are popular with gamblers, despite the fact that the company was founded recently (in 2013). If you are interested in learning about it, click right now, there is interesting information.


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