A homeless man turned a $ 5 chip into a million

A tramp begging outside the casino caught his luck when one of the visitors tossed him a $ 5 chip. The homeless man, without hesitation, went with her to the casino and left it already a millionaire.

Lucky for Manuel Ortiz, yesterday’s homeless man from Maryland. Yesterday he ate leftovers from dumpsters, and today he can afford the most exotic dishes.

Once, wandering in search of edible food, he accidentally found himself near the gambling establishment Live! Casino. Having asked for money from a visitor who left, he received in response not a portion of curses, as usual, but a chip worth $ 5. Ortiz entered the casino with the loot and headed to the blackjack table. He bet his only chip and hit the jackpot – $ 1,075,710!

By the way, the card game lasted two hours. Manuel Ortiz said that he will spend the money on an apartment and clothes, and in the casino he will not be able to kick.

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