There was a time when there were only 3-reel slot machines in casinos. The technologies that were then used in these devices differed significantly from modern ones. Now the situation has changed dramatically and 5-reel slots are slowly replacing their 3-reel predecessors from gambling establishments. The fact is that there are more paylines, games with bonuses and betting options for them. However, we are not sure if we should completely write off 3-reel slots, and now we will try to explain why.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3-Reel Slots

The main advantage of any 3-reel slot machine, perhaps, lies in its simple and laconic design. There are few combinations and variations of bets, but this will not allow the new player to get confused.

Statistics show that 5-reel slots do not pay out wins as often as 3-reel slots. This happens because of the progressive jackpot, which in the first case takes up the lion’s share of payments, and it does not happen very often to hit it. In three-reel slots, next to a modest jackpot (usually about 4 thousand coins), there is room for frequent small prizes.

The weak points of 3-reel slots include the lack of 3D graphics, animated characters and bonus rounds. It is the last parameter that attracts a lot of players. It was the introduction of bonus rounds that became a kind of impetus for the development of the industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5-Reel Slots

The first example of a slot machine was invented at the end of the nineteenth century by a certain Charles Fey. Since then, of course, slots have changed beyond recognition. Some five-reel machines can hardly even be called a slot machine, since they are a mixture of a video game and a casino game.

On some 5-reel games, you’ll even find introductory videos and storylines that players love them for. The more users play on the slot, the faster its jackpot grows. The most impressive of them can reach several million dollars. But in order to qualify for such a prize, you will need to risk a large amount of money.

Choose for yourself!

What to do and what type of slots to choose, of course, is up to you. For those who are looking for vivid impressions and are interested in bonus rounds, it is better to give preference to some 5-bapaban slot. A player who has just started to master the world of gambling or someone who is not chasing mind-blowing winnings, but is simply looking for a way to secure their bankroll, will be delighted with the classic 3-reel slot. However, no one forbids you to combine and compare both types of games.

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